When You Have Lemons, Make Lemonade . . . 2577

The BS never stops.

“AMD has prioritized production of our low power and standard power products because our customers and ecosystem demand it . . . .,” added Randy Allen, corporate vice president of AMD’s Server and Workstation division.

I see. It’s not that you can only make slow processors, that’s all your customers want! They keep mobbing your headquarters and hold you hostage demanding, “We don’t want to see you putting out any of that nasty fast stuff for anybody, you hear?”

And, of course, they’ll come back a month and three and six months later demanding faster processors and then, and only then, will AMD oblige them.

You know, I second-most want to meet some of these customers someday.

The someone or something I most want to meet, of course, is the talking ecosystem. Now Gaea (or maybe just Gore) is talking to AMD. He/She seems to be a new AMD customer, or maybe a new consultant.

Could we get some YouTube on any of this? Audio? I’ll settle for a transcript. What I really want to see, though, is the future meeting when He/She tells Hector, “Remember when I told you your K10 processors had to be slow to save the planet a few months ago? Well, never mind, let ’em rip!”

Hey, I find that just about as believable as these other AMD customers who want exactly what Hector wants exactly when he wants it.

AMD shouldn’t restrict itself to New Age support, though; there’s plenty of Old Age seers and deities who’d welcome an image update. Might be good for the emerging markets if Hector can get Confucius and Krishna on board, too.

Personally, I’m waiting for Jesus to weigh in, but since Green has a habit of not thinking things out: Trust me, just emails and texting! Whatever you do, don’t bring him in!! No meetings or press conferences!!! Why? Second Coming = End of World = Bad for Sales.

Seriously, though, AMD will release whatever whenever they think they can think they can sell the things to some niche at a decent price. That’s how you make lemonade from lemons.

For instance, there’s already been some signs the initial Barcs will be primarily aimed at existing Opteron users as a cheap, quick upgrade. Probably not a whole lot of them, but probably not a whole lot of initial Barcs, either.

Likewise with Phenom, you’ll see a relative handful of FXs being sold to enthusiasts with more money than sense until they get this right.

Nominal launches notwithstanding, we’re not going to see mainstream K10s at mainstream prices until early spring at best.

P.S. Gaea talking to Green was a joke, but greens protesting computer gaming won’t be. I fully expect, and sooner rather than later, that the whole field of PC gaming, with its kilowatt power supplies fueling mass killing and much unPC sociopathy, is going to start coming under attack not only for all the current reasons, but for global warming, too.

If governments start serious making laws and regulations or otherwise pressure the makers of electical equipment to make their products use less power, expect gaming equipment to be targeted one way or another, simply because it’s such an easy target.

You saw it here first.


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