Why We Cannot Have Certain Ads

For a while, now, people have been posting ads offering to sell questionable if not flat-out illegal software packages. We have asked nicely for this to stop, but it has not.

For instance, people have been offering copies of Windows ME. Those CAN’T be legal; the program won’t even be released for two months.

You may or may not believe this is particularly bad or care that it is. However, we have the responsibility for the website. We would run the risk of legal action and confiscation if this continued.

No, we have not been told this is going to happen. We are going to make sure it never happens.

We think we have a pretty decent website visited by a lot of people who get something out of it.

We are not going to risk it being shut down for the sake of a few people who couldn’t care less about what we are doing here
and will move on and leech off some other place.

We apologize deeply for any inconveniences this costs those who have put in classified ads. We’ll extend your time.

We’re sorry that we have to spend time doing this which will delay new articles and testing. Right now, I have to spend a ton of time temporarily correcting webpages, time I could have used for testing Thunderbirds or finish tabulating that survey. If this interrupts you reading a page, we’re sorry for that, too.

But I won’t apologize for that. If you want an apology, better ask the people who made it necessary. Don’t hold your breath.

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