Win a Copy of Battlefield 4 from Gaming Titans

To celebrate the launch of their new and improved website, Gaming Titans is giving away one copy of Battlefield 4 (including the China Rising expansion pack) on release day (October 29). This contest is open to members worldwide, as it will be a digital download, so you will receive your prize instantly.

Winner will be announced on Friday, October 25.

Battlefield 4 Cover (Courtesy EA and Origin)
Battlefield 4 Cover (Courtesy EA and Origin)

How to Enter

  1. Fill out the form at the bottom of this article by 11:59 p.m. Eastern on October 24.
  2. (Optional) – leave a comment on this article with the name of the game your are most looking forward to in the next few months. (maybe it will be in a future giveaway!)

For full details and rules, see the fine print below

Other Pre-Order Games Discounted

For those who don’t win, or don’t want to take a chance on waiting to find out, you will automatically receive a 3% (of the total price) credit towards future purchases on Gaming Titans. This is valid for any game purchase, not just Battlefield 4.

Gaming Titans also has some good deals for other games that haven’t been released yet. You could save $10 OFF pricing on Amazon or Newegg:

GameGaming Titans PriceCompetitor Price (Amazon / Newegg)
Battlefield 4 (Includes China Rising DLC)$48.25 (£29.99 / €35.50)$49.99 / $59.99
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag$45 (£27.99 / €33.15)$59.99
Call Of Duty: Ghosts$51.46 (£31.99 / €37.88)$59.99
Need For Speed: Rivals$40.20 (£24.99 / €29.59)$49.99

The Fine Print

Contest Rules: This giveaway is open to members worldwide. One entry per user. Duplicate entries, multiple usernames per person or other attempts to cheat will be disqualified at the discretion of your friendly neighborhood moderators. Forum membership will be verified before choosing a winner. All emails will be used for the purpose of this contest only, you will not be spammed by or Gaming Titans at any time.

Disclaimer from Gaming Titans: All Gaming Titans products are licensed and subject to valid legal regulations which determined by the publishers. If not stated differently, the game is region-free and allowed to be activated and played worldwide. All the games mentioned in here are region-free and can be activated worldwide. All games require internet connection and valid account (Origin for BF4) for activation.

Good Luck! And thanks to Gaming Titans for the giveaway.

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