Windows 7 – How Many Copies for You?

I wrote yesterday about the installed PC base totaling over 1 billion units – how many do you have?

I looked around the house and I counted four laptops and two desktops in various states of use. Most are a couple of generations behind current technology but run XP and Ubuntu (no Vista here) perfectly well for audio and video editing apps. We can expect Windows 7 late this year or early next year, so the question I’m interested to ask our readers:


How many copies of Windows 7 will you PERSONALLY buy?


I have no intention of buying 6 copies of Windows 7 at something like $150 – $250 a pop, and will stick with XP for at least the next two – three years. Many of our readers have more than one PC around the house and I’m curious as to what your intentions are relative to Windows 7. Drop me a line or leave comments at the end of this article as to:

  • How many PCs/laptops you have?
  • How many will you PERSONALLY upgrade to Windows 7 when it goes retail?
  • Will Linux become an option for non-Windows 7 PCs?

Do you feel Windows 7 will obsolete your stock of older PCs? I don’t.

I’ll pick someone at random for a prize.

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