Windows 7 is Out… Now How Should They Improve It?

Congratulations Microsoft programmers on improvements made to Windows Vista, which Windows 7 is based upon.

I test drove Windows 7 after the final build was completed and have more or less managed to resolve many issues that were bothering me thanks to OCFORUMS and forum member redduc900 in particular.

In my humble opinion, Windows 7 should be improved to address the following:

1) Bug: Error-checking an external drive results in a memory leak. If you use Windows 7 to check a (large) external drive for errors, you will run out of system resources due to a memory leak bug. There is no known fix yet.  Further discussion of this bug is on the forums.

Editors Note: The above bug has been the author’s reproducible findings.  Other sources, have contradicting info noting the memory usage is by design.

2) By far the most annoying bug: Windows 7 should not delete links from desktop by default. Links to external drives, network links, links to Control Panel items are deleted every once in a while by default on some, if not all systems. The culprit was discovered and the known fix can be found here:

Windows 7 Start Menu > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler >(upper left corner) Task Scheduler (Local) > Task Scheduler Library > Microsoft > Windows > Diagnosis >(right pane) Right click on Scheduled > Disabled.

3) Annoyance: Trying to get rid of “Windows can’t verify the publisher of this software” warning when installing drivers. It cannot be disabled, even if:

Start Menu > Run > gpedit.msc > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > System > Driver Installation > Double click on Code signing for device drivers > Enabled > (below Enabled) click on the down arrow next to ‘Warn’ and select Ignore.

4) Annoyance: Trying to get rid of alternate data streams $DATA. This option cannot be set, even if:

Start Menu > Run > gpedit.msc > User Configuration > Administrative Templates >
Windows Components > Attachment Manager >In the right pane, double click on “Do not preserve zone information in file attachments” and set it to Enabled

5) Annoyance: We should be able to completely disable Scan and Fix (recommended) pop-up for Flash drives.

There should be…

6) There should be an option (just an option) to turn Auto-Arrange off for those of us that are willing to take risks with this crashing the system. Microsoft could not make this work without it crashing Windows 7 so their solution was to just disable it.

7) There should be a Control Panel item or a Windows 7 app that displays a Graphic User Interface Search in Windows 7 so that we could simply CHECK next to the Search option we wish to use.

8) It would be nice to be able to intercept applications when they try to insert themselves into our right click menu, startup and Favorites menu. Windows should treat those as our home where intruders are not welcome without permission. Third party applications can do this.

9) When you right click on a web shortcut link, the correct current location of its custom icon is not displayed.

10) Minor bugs: Windows 7 does not switch between full & empty recycle bin custom icons and you can’t select custom icons for DOS program shortcuts.

11) Minor semi-annoyances:

An option should be given to us to enable the right click menu to be exactly the same when you right click on a few files vs. right clicking on 17+ files, any files.

For those of us that reimage our systems all the time, it would be nice to have an option to disable Windows Update Malicious Software removal tool from showing up each & every month under Windows 7 custom update.

Finally, it would be nice if we could see the return of Windows XP style customizable Windows Explorer buttons as an option!

Please share the ways you think Windows 7 can be improved in this thread!


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