Wooden Cases, Anyone?

I’m putting this up mainly to see how many people are interested in buying a wooden case from someone else (as opposed to DYI). There is no actual product yet.
So I’m going to have the emails come to me rather than to the person, and unless specifically told otherwise, will summarize the response (or lack thereof) to him.

I am a frequent reader of overclockers.com who is about to start a new product line to my business.

I build custom PCs and have had some interest in the possibility of custom-built cases to suit offices where a beige box will not fit in, people with relatively antique or just nice wooden desks for instance.

I am currently working out the design for my first attempt at a wooden case. It may not be totally wooden as I am probably going to make an internal frame of welded aluminium.

Do you believe there may be some interest in this from your other readers?

I will be building a couple of PC’s into desks and also building a custom aluminium case.

If you think there might be some interest, I will try to write up an article when i am done (I expect it to take me most of the month to develop the first wooden case as i have two other jobs as well as working for myself).

Well, is there?


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