XP1900+: Cushion Getting Thin?

There’s lots of XP1900+ reviews out there. Essentially, you pay AMD $70 for the privilege of getting a 12X multiplier rather than an 11.5X multiplier and about a 3% improvement.

From all appearances, outside of the abovementioned, they don’t seem to be any different than the 1800+. That raises an interesting point.

These CPUs just aren’t overclocking very much. Maybe on average 1.6GHz for the 1500+, 1.7GHz for the 1800+, both with high-end air.

Unless AMD has been binning the very best ones away (which is possible), there’s not a whole lot of cushion between what this CPU is supposed to do at default voltage and a lousy cooler and what people managed to do with more voltage and a better cooler.

Probably enough for the 1900+ (1.6GHz), but what about the 2000+ (1.67GHz) next January? Or anything beyond that?

That’s why I suspect we’re going to see some sort of new stepping capable of greater speeds before or by the time the 2000+ becomes available. Either that, or AMD is going to be skating on very thin ice indeed.

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