XSPC X2O Watercooling Kit 2575

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SUMMARY: Complete entry level watercooling kit.


The good guys at XSPC were nice enough to send a sample of their XSPC X2O Watercooling Kit to try out. This looks like an entry level kit with three separate components – Waterblock, Radiator and Waterpump/Reservoir.

Key Features

  • CPU waterblock with universal mounting plate, spring loaded mounting bolts
  • 12 volt integrated waterpump/reservoir
  • Crossflow radiator with 80 mm to 120 mm radiator brackets
  • 1700 rpm 120 mm fan
  • Clear 10/8mm tubing, 2 meters
  • Designed for AMD Sockets 939, 754, 940 and Intel Sockets 775, 478, 603, 604
  • Thermal Paste, Anti-corrosive water additive, Instruction Manual

First Look

The waterblock features a universal mounting plate, including an adapter for socket A/462 mounting:

WB Kit

The base appears flat, although polishing marks are visible:

WB Base

The waterpump is a 12 volt unit:


Kit includes an LED that lights up the reservoir.

Looking through the bottom shows the pump – looks like a mag drive unit:

WP Base

The last piece – the radiator and fan:

Rad Kit

Assembling the radiator requires screwing in the hose mounts and securing the fan:

Rad Assembled

Note the there is a silicon gasket to keep noise down; the front of the radiator shows 12 tubes connecting the radiator’s plenums:

Rad Front

Overall, the kit is quite complete and includes all necessary mounting gear; build quality looks good and the attention to noise reducing gaskets and grommets is a welcome addition to any kit. There are fan mounts to adapt to an 80 mm fan hole, so using the kit in just about any case should not ba a problem.

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The XSPC X2O was tested using the CPU Die Simulator. Noise was measured 8″ from the fan’s intake with a Radio Shack sound meter; 50 dBA at this distance is very quiet 3 feet from the fan.


Die Temp

Ambient Temp


XSPC X2O, 1588 rpm, <50 dBA




Results place the XSPC X2O in the upper rank of watercooling kits tested to date (Watercooling Kits Ranking) – this is a very good showing for an entry level kit. Fan noise is not obtrusive at all – noticeable but not objectionable.


XSPC’s X2O Watercooling Kit does quite well compared to other entry level watercooling kits – its performance is really quite good for its size. While not a “performance” kit by any means, its ease of installation and performance warrant a serious look for those looking for good, quiet cooling.

Thanks again to XSPC for sending this our way.

Disclosure: Joe Citarella has a financial interest in a company developing thermosyphon products for electronic chip cooling.


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