Yawn . . .

Really, what else can you say given the desktop numbers here (the server numbers do look better, but no blowaways there, either).

If you extrapolate the numbers, make some allowances for the performance limitations of a server board, then compare them to C2D scores, we’re looking at catchup.

Some of the gaming scores may end up a bit better, but overall, it’s catchup.

One might put a bit more importance to better gaming numbers, but then, most reading this are going to be overclocking, and if there’s anything these K10s aren’t going to be able to do a whole lot, it’s overclock.

Even if Penryns end up capable of only modestly higher frequencies than current C2Ds, it still should remain no contest among overclockers.

P.S. Look closely at the CPU-Z report here. 1.52V to get a B2 stepping chip running at 2.5GHz???????


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