Yes, We Have No Bananas Continues . . .

XBitLabs reports that Intel will push Northwoods one more speed bump to 3.4GHz next quarter.

Going to get a little toasty in those OEM boxes. 🙂

This move would make no sense if Prescott were on track.

What’s Intel going to do next? Suddenly discover that water cooling is essential for high-end computing? 🙂

No, Intel’s not having any problems with Prescott. Yeah, right.

Maybe it’s our fault, because we’re just not worthy of these processors. 🙂

Seriously, why do companies do this? It’s not like Prescotts aren’t coming out because the heat spreader doesn’t quite match the color of Craig Barrett’s eyes. They’re done everything to indicate they’re having big problems except admitting it.

Just who gets fooled by this?


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