Yes, We Have No Bananas

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There seems to be a certain situation out there in rebate land.

You fill out the rebate timely and precisely. You send it in. You don’t get it. You check it out, and you find
out that the rebate has been processed. You check further, and you basically get told, “Oh, you did all the paperwork right, and you’re entitled to it, you’re just not going to get it.” (presumably because the people financing
the rebate only paid so much.

Am I getting this right? Has this happened to you?

Do you think that maybe (and there may be some legal problems on this, so I won’t guarantee this) it might be a good idea to come up with a list of
those manufacturers who recently have done this? Maybe a list people could check before they buy that item with a big rebate?

Tell me what you think (along with any stories you might have).



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