Zipperhead’s CaseModding

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Here are a few pics of my latest adventures in casemodding; it’s a water/peltier setup. The waterblock and coldplate I machined myself (as the quality of the ones sold today border on pitiful) using copper with brass plugs. These are not set screws or allen bolts just locktited in, these are basically brass bolts that have a slight taper to them.



The block uses 3/8′ brass barbed fittings with 3-5/8 channels bored into it. The holdown is much stronger than others; therefore, when it is tightened, it stays square instead of twisting or warping.


I got the radiator from an online retailer. Behind the radiator are (2) 120mm fans blowing out (to the front) wired to a distribution block running at 7 volts. It is nice and quiet but still has very good air flow.


The water container was purchased at Home Depot; it’s made for underground electrical connections – cost about $7. The 3/8′ i.d. tubing was also purchased there – 20 ft for $4. Inside the case are two 300 watt power supplies, one for the computer itself and the other for the peltier only. I have them wired to a relay for one button operation.

Wire Block

As you can see I use a distribution block instead of connectors. It is much cleaner and more efficient than connectors; also those molex connectors, to put it politely, just suck! If you use a pelt, do yourself a favor and get rid of them. A good replacement connector is a Deans 4 prong – available at better hobby shops everywhere.

Bare Case

On top of the case is another 120 mm fan blowing down inside, also
running at 7 volts. I already know what you are thinking – I got the flow going the wrong way, but let me tell you the cooling system is very efficient. Inside case temp is always around 1 to 2 C over room temp.


I almost forgot: Inside the water tank is a 145 gph pump from United Pumps. I have made quite a few different water setups, thus far I think this is the best one.

Thank you and I hope I might have helped someone in some way,



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