SUMMARY: Web-based Freeware Alternatives to Microsoft Office – and Then Some.

For those of us who might feel less than enthused with Micropolysoft’s bloatware, we spotlighted Open Office as a full-fledged alternative. Open Office resides on your PC – a very nice web-based office suite that also offers collaborative efforts among a workgroup is available free from ZOHO.


I tried ZOHO Writer and ZOHO Sheet and have to say that these are VERY good products which gives users full-featured office functionality at a terrific price – FREE. Don’t think that you have to leave documents stored on the web – you can download your work to your PC and keep it there.

Does this look somewhat familiar?


Want to save your work locally? No problem – you can export in a variety of formats:


ZOHO Sheet also looks very familiar:


No learning curve here. In addition to the “basics”, ZOHO has a full suite of office functions, such as for databases:


And also a nice email package – you can use this to screen emails and then download what you want to save into your resident email program:



I am curious as to your reactions to ZOHO. Almost all new PCs come with Office in one form or another – if you had to pay for Micropolysoft’s Office, would you use ZOHO exclusively?

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