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Thread: Intell Dk 440LX

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    Intell Dk 440LX

    A buddy of mine has one of these boards and a 333 Pentium 2 processor.he has scsi stuff and doesn't want to get rid of the board-he says intel says on this dual processor board it'll only support the chip he has...Any of you guys have any knowledge on this board, any ideas on a chip upgrade,as i have no knowledge of this combination.

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    The LX chipset only supports 66Mhz FSB and as such the P2 333 is the quickest P2 that it will accept.

    However I reckon you'd get away quite easily with a Celeron 533 PPGA in a slotket in it.

    ....However - a nice new ASUS CUSL2 and a Celeron 566 would be much more fun!!!!
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    thanks for the reply..What is a sloket ? I've heard the word,but that's it. Yep Your right..I'd have to go with something newer if it were me..
    thanks again,

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