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    Question Folding faster on win 2000?

    I read on a forum (I think it is extreme overclocking) that folding is faster on windows 2000 than windows xp pro? What do you think? If it so, I still have my win 2000

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    I don't think its the OS itself, but XP comes with some things you just don't need running. Disable the extra services and I'm sure they'll be neck and neck. I fold mostly on 2k boxes, but I have one XP and an XP pro box and they both fold just fine. I haven't noticed slower folding.

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    yeah it's probably a reference to all the bloat in XP. goto and follow the XP services guide. do the "SAFE" column. that will free up alot of resources. after that you can right click on my computer click the advanced tab then click the settings button under performance and knock out alot of the extra GUI bloat. if you want the background of the icons, where the name of the icon is, to stay transparent instead of showing the desktop color like 98 and 2k do than leave the "use drop shadows on desktop icons " one on.

    that should about do it. there's alot of services you can't get rid of safely in XP so it is still heavier than 2k but not by alot. i've trimmed my 2k box down to 15 services with nothing but folding and the essentials going. i did the same in XP and was left with 23 services.
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