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    Futuremark takes a stand with 3DMark 2003 BUILD 340!

    well looks like futuremark has started there own driver testing team, and are only submiting the drivers they say are fair for the new build.

    approved drivers:

    what are youre thoughts guy's?

    as for me! well i say as long as the end product (actual physical detail) has not been alltered. then the actual way it is rendering should be left up to the chipset maker!

    now if the actual end result has been alltered just to make the bench run faster than "i agree" the drivers shouldn't even be allowed to be submitted!

    and i think it's a good step for future mark to take!
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    tons of problems for nvidia, none for ati

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    that's what i thought haha

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    3D mark will always be owned and the benchmark will always be flawed for the simple reason that they are supported by the card companys, it is not independant :-

    We create reliable and neutral benchmarks in co-operation with leading computer hardware and technology companies.
    Not only is there the problem of trying not to bite the hand that feeds you, but the fact that the benchmark is so easily faked.. If you run 3Dmark in a OS installed under VMware or Wine you can produce some interesting and incorrect results.... Certain game hacks which effect the system clock can also effect this benchmark.

    The biggest problem is the benchmark itself imho
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