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Thread: Is this right?

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    Is this right?

    First of all, hello to you all!

    I have a question, or more a concern. My 1,2 Ghz DDR T-bird (AXIA) is currently running along very stable at 1,33Ghz (10*133) with 1,8 Vcore. At this speed I get an idle temp of about 40 C, and load temp of about 50 C. This seems a bit high to me. I am using a Globalwin WBK 68 cooler. Also, my case temp is at about 36 C even though I'm running the case wide open in a room that is about 24 C. My problem is that I can't squeeze an ounce more power out of this rig. If I step up the multiplier to 10,5 it refuses to post, and if I up the FSB even the slightest bit, windows become unstable or won't load.

    My system:
    1,2 Ghz AXIA T-bird, factory unlocked with Globalwin WBK 68 sink
    MSI K7T 266 Pro R
    256 Mb cas 2,5 2100 DDR RAM
    Western digital caviar 7200 rpm 40 Gb
    NoName nVidia GeForce 2 MX-400, 64 Mb

    Anyone have any suggestions. This chip SHOULD give me a bit more than this I think, but the temps are running high way to fast.

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    The case temp seems way high, most of us have temps for our case at about 23-26c. Mine right now is at 21-23c with case closed (I am not a fan of an open case cause my critters running around). What temp monitoring are you using? What is the extent of your cooling?
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    Haha, that's a microwave.

    What kind of case cooling do you have. 36C is nuts for a case temp. My P3 1GHz @ 1.13 doesn't run that hot under full load.

    Something's definately not right, I'll agree.

    50C isn't terribly hot for that thing, I don't think either. My Glaciator only keeps my 1.4 @ 1.6 down to 52C under full load at default voltage. Of course, I wish it were running cooler but I don't really consider it a danger zone unless it's constantly above 55C.

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    Read Hoot's article on cooling entitled "Good Air / Bad Air, Good Fans / Bad Fans... bla bla bla, yadda yadda yadda (Jeeze Hoot it's a great article but did you have to give it such a long name???)" its in the Reviews and Tips section under the "Case Cooling" heading. Its a rock solid article with a serious way to beat down extra heat.

    BTW, welcome!
    Thank you Baby. I love you.

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    Well the cooling at this moment is limited to the case beeing wide open (both side doors off), and 2 80mm fans blowing directly at the CPU and graphics card. The temps where measured with the boards monitor, so I am aware that it may be a bit off.

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    First thing I would recommend is get some exhaust fans in action, you are probably experiencing some build up of hot air by your CPU when it starts to get under load.

    That will probably make the biggest difference.


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