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    50C and Below ok?

    Hey I have a Barton 2600+ and have recently OC'd it to 2.3ghz 11.5x200 (locked multi). I run at temps, under load, in the 40s and idle in the high 30s. Are these good temps considering im using an aluminum HS and 4300 RPM coolmaster fan?

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    i guess it's ok, AMD tend to heat up a lil more than pentium, but those temp seems ok.
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    Yea that is not bad with aluminum HS. If you were to go with a copper HS and maybe a fan with more CFM and Artic silver 3 you would get lower temps. Thermalright SLK-900a or slk-97 with the heat tubes is very nice aswell but a bit more pricy since it just came out.
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