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    About artifacts?

    Just kind of curious. I have read a fair number of posts related to artifacting in 3d accellerators, but I have not heard which artifacts are caused by what subsystem.
    Clearly, if you get them, you have gone too high, but in which scenerio?
    I get two types of artifacts when i try to OC my card. first and most noticable in games, is abnormal pixel rendering and behaviour. this can be anything from grey or white pixels everywhere, to a great big line down my shot gun in halo. I generally link this to exceeding my core speed/cooling potential.

    on the other hand, ill sometimes get massive triangle misplacment or warping. generally if i have overclocked my memory too much.

    are these the general artifacts people get? and are these the artifacts that one can expect in each scenerio.?
    Now that i have a 80c on my gpu *which is working really well from what i can feel O_o* im tempted to crank the hell out of my core speed. might wait untill i get a fan.
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    I get the same 2 types of artifacts. Large polygons/geometric shapes when the memory is far too high, and specks of snow when the core is too high, or textures being rendered incorrectly (the plasma handgun in Halo always gives me artifacts before any other game/program)
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