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    New XP install gave me Drive E:??

    About sums it up, I checked the windows install and according to the partition info it should have been installed on c:, but my drive shows up as E:, and my zip shows up as c:. Ive tried disk management but it wont let me change a boot drive, also tried the registry but now shows c: and e: as one drive with the same space. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

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    I had a similar problem once. It always wanted to install on f:. I never figured out why except I had a SCSI subsystem with 3 devices on it. I did figure a workaround. If i use a Windows ME boot disk with fdisk to delete the old and create the new partition, it installs fine to C:.
    Go figure?? The Win ME fdisk is required only if you HD is larger than
    60 GB.

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