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    DD RDX WB and Abit IC7-G board

    I an considering purchasing a IC7-G mobo for a folding/gaming machine. I have a Danger Den RDX waterblock I'd like to use to cool the Prescott CPU I'm planning on putting in.

    The RDX requires you to remove the stock heatsink mount and use 4 screw/spring mounts for the block.

    Has anyone had any problems or experience with doing this?

    I've mounted the DD RDX block on an MSI board before and didn't have any problems.


    PS - This post could be a watercooling thread, but I thought since it was Abit IC7-G specific, I'd include it here.

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    Well, I have a TDX on a Max3 which came on very easily.

    I dont foresee any major problems with your setup.

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    No problems with my RBX on my Max3 with a bare core 2.4.

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    if it requires a mounting plate make sure to put electrical tape on the bottom because of a mosfet abit decided needed to be right under the mouting bracket.

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    Be extra careful when you're removing the stock plastic mounting bracket. If you're using a pair of needlenose pliers to compress the clips, go as slow as you possibly can, as the pliers slip off the plastic very easily. I learned this the hard way and almost destroyed one of the many traces that run right next to the mounting holes. Good luck

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