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    Windows Install Shut Down

    So I got my computer to POST! After three times of trying It works, but then during the windows install, IT TURNS OFF. Halfway through the install power to the board just cuts. I cant get anything to turn on for 5 minutes. I just got the BIOS back up, but then it freezes. Does anyone know what could be causing this? It is bare boarded. Help please

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    I had this happen to me. It could be any number of things but at least in my case I later discovered that the HDD was failing and the video card had been damaged by heat which means other parts of the machine could have also been damaged by heat.
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    Memory, Motherboard, Hard drive, PSU, or none can be a problem. You could run memtest86 to check memory without having os
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    Since you have new setup, check bios version that you have. If it is old it might need to be updated.

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    I mean Im getting power to the mouse and keyboard, but now it wont post, or it does and it freezes.

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    +1 for heat. sounds like it takes a few minutes to heat up and eventually shuts down during install. that would explain not turning on for a few minutes. get into bios and see what the temp gets up to.
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