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    Viewsonic P225f/P225fb owners, I need help!!

    I have the p225fb and I cannot get 1600x1200@100Hz for some reason. So I checked the specs on website and the specs are different for p225f and p225fb.

    The spec for the p225f is 1600x1200@85Hz while the specs for the p225fb is 1600x1200@99Hz.

    From my understanding, both are supposed to be the same monitors, except that p225fb comes in black.

    So is my monitor capable of 1600x1200@100Hz? because I cannot get past 85Hz in the display settings.

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    Another thing to look at is if the video card supports it. Most Nvidia cards can, but you should look at display modes your video card can support:

    Desktop properties > Settings tab > Advanced > Addapter Tab > List All Modes

    I guess you could try updating the monitor drivers. I'm sure viewsonic has monitor drivers for download. If you have all the drivers updated, the video card supports 1600x1200@100Hz, and it still won't let you go to 100Hz, then you can generally bet that the monitor can't support the 100Hz setting.

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    Calavera PM'ed me yesterday with this question and I had to look up the max refresh rate in the manual because the video card in this system (a V5/5500 PCI) tops out at 75Hz at 16x12.

    When I was shopping for my P225F, I did see a spec sheet on one site (I don't remember which) where the tube model listed for the 225F and 225FB was slightly different. If I remember right, the tube for the F ended in -3 and the tube for the FB ended in -4.

    I've noticed that the 225F is becoming harder to find. I figured this, along with the slight difference in tube models, meant Viewsonic was phasing out the 225F. They have leapfrogged models this way before.

    I've seen both monitors side by side and could not detect a difference in picture quality. And honestly, the difference between 85Hz and 99Hz is academic. You won't get a better picture quality by running at the higher refresh rate.


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    Arghhhh I think my Radeon 9700 Pro does not support 1600x1200@100Hz. It only shows 85. Okay I'm a little bummed since I wanted to take full advantage of the high res and Hz. I guess 85 will do. :P

    I installed the latest drivers from although they were not XP approved. I'm using this driver 'viewsonic p225fb-4' whatever that means.

    Yeah, I have no clue why the specs for the p225f and p225fb have different settings at 16x12 since they're the same monitor with difference in color.

    Thanx for the help everyone!

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