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    Use my SB LIVE 5.1 or onboard 6 channel?

    My gigabyte came with Realtek onboard 6 channel audio. Which should I use? MySB 5.1 live card or the onboard 6 channel?
    Here is the board

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    You'll get different opinions on this. If it were me I would try the onboard first and if the sound quality wasn't what I was expecting then I'd try the SB Live 5.1. I have an 8RDA+ and the onboard Sound Storm was pretty good but it wasn't as good as I was expecting so I disabled it and am using my SB live 5.1 and that works great for me, to my ears the SB live has better sound quality and I have yet to hear any stuttering or pops with it. It also gave me a small performance boost as well

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    Use your ears, the onboard for some reason does some wierd noise things at times but not on all mobo's.
    What speakers?? If you have just some 2.1's or something towards the lesser side sell the SB while you can get some cash for it.

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    onboard. sell the live (unless ur really anal about sound, in which case, you wouldn't use either ;-))

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    i'd use the 5.1 cuz it is more likely to give better sound quality. Unless you have speakers higher than 5.1 that is. Or sell the SB and use onboard if you arent that bothered

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    I'd use the Live 5.1, it should have much lower CPU utilization; and will sound better.

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    I'd use onboard. If it was an Audigy I'd use it.
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