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    anyone know of a decent location for learning php
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    This is just as good as any IMO:

    (It's what I used)

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    I used this book: Link

    I picked it up from the library so I didn't have to pay for it. It's got a lot of info and a whole bunch of examples. The best thing in my opinion is to learn the language (book or online tutorial) and then make up a project to complete. I learned most of my php by creating a character databse system for a small MMORPG that I used to play.
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    is a pretty good place for beginners

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    Go to and buy their book on building a website using php and mysql. Its very good to get your feet wet. For more advanced stuff they have two additional books.

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    Thank for the links guys
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    Which one(s) did you end up using?

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    im going to be working through them all except for the books suggested as I got php & mySQL for dummies instead, simply because I like the way these books are written they have humourous little quotes in them which makes reading alot more enjoyable
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    Don't forget the power of used book on amazon. When you are just starting something that you are kind of new at, a $50 book that is fully up to date may not actually be as useful to you as a year old copy for $5.

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    Mr. Walis, what the ** are you doing in my forum? LOL, jk

    Anyhow, thee Malpine is right on, getting something new as you can is your best bet. But also, make sure that you can use what you learn. For example, if you have a server that has PHP 5 and MySQL 5, then get a book on it because using mysqli and transactions is fantastic.

    Also, use's manual and read all the comments by users for each function because they are extremely helpful.

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  12. #12 is the best reerence anywhere. Greatest part is if you have a function you need help on, type and it will bring up all the info
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