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    WD1001FALS is inexplicably slower than my WD6400AAKS

    So I bought a 1TB WD1001FALS and have had it about 6 months already, to replace my old WD6400AAKS. Well today I installed Windows 7, and I backed up all my old files onto the WD6400AAKS and as I was xfering them back onto the drive, it would start at 100 then drop until it gets steady at about 20-30MBS when I'm moving large amounts 10-100GB of data. So I ran HD Tune and Sandra and it registers in the 80-85MBPS range with high access time also, while the WD6400AAKS is at about 96 in both. Is there anything I can do to improve this?

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    If i remember correctly 640gb drives are 2x320 platters, and 1tb are 4x250. 320 platters have a greater data density then 250s, which means that for a given RPM the data goes by faster, giving better speeds.

    I don't think there's really much you can do about it, save for buying a second one and raiding 'em.
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    I thought the 1TB Black drives were 3x333GB platters. And there are some 1TB drives w/ 2x500GB platters.
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    The AAKS looks like how a black should perform while the FALS looks like the AAKS I have. (the random seek) O_O

    It don't appear that AAKS blacks exist. Do they?
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