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    Question Windows Update

    I am the computer administrator of my computer and everytime i turn on the computer it automatically logs me in as the computer administrator but when i go to windows update it tells me that i have to go back and right click on windows update and "run as" then enter a administrator password, which i don't have a password for me or the administrator so it will not accept it. And if I did create a password for it, it would still tell me the same thing over and over. Someone please help.

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    You might want to give this a try...

    Start Internet Explorer.

    On the Tools menu, click Internet Options.

    Click the Advanced tab.

    Select the Use HTTP 1.1 through Proxy Connections check box, and then click OK .

    Quit and then restart Internet Explorer, and then try to connect to the Windows Update Web site again.

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    How long has this been happening? If it has just started I would say use the System Restore feature, this would fix that problem if it has just started happening
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    it has been doing it ever since installed xp on this harddrive. i had recieved a bunch of windows protection errors and i had to reset the bios and reformat my hd a couple times and fdisk it also. finally my system loaded right. but it will just not let me get to the windows update. i used the same OS on my last system and it allowed me to access windows update. So I have not been able to access windows update since I reformatted the HD and reset the bios.

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