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    Zalman upgrade or not?

    I upgraded the stock cpu fan heatsink on my 940be a couple weeks ago and am thinking the temps should be lower. I got the 9500 cnps which has the 92mm fan. I didn't get the 9700 cnps cause I did not think it would fit, but now I am almost positive it will squeek in my case. Do you guys think it would make much difference?
    here's the temps i was and am getting now
    at 3.0 ghz with stock cooling 38 c idle 56 c prime 95
    zalman 9500 33 c idle 50 c prime 95
    zalman 9700 ? ?
    Any input would be helpful cause I could still return the 9500 and get the 9700 for 10 bucks more.

    As long as I have this thread started I would like any opinions on this vga cooler as well. Thanks
    It is the ZALMAN VF1000 2 Ball VGA Cooler
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