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    Ivy Bridge Overclocking IDF News

    Posted at Anandtech:

    - The max CPU ratio is now 63x up from 57x
    - You can now adjust CPU ratios without a reboot, just via a register write.
    - DDR3-2800 will be the maximum DRAM frequency.

    All 3 are FANTASTIC for overclockers. Hopefully this will allow for a little less RNG (random number generator) when you go and buy one from the store and end up with a lower maximum multiplier (52x, for example) instead of a higher that is desired (56-57x). Now in-windows we will be able to push the chip a little bit further for those last multi jumps for benchmarking!
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  2. Thanks!

    DR DEUCE (10-09-11)

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    will be interesting to see how Ivy bridge handles.
    Currently just have a Lenovo y500 with dual 650m video cards.
    (currently shopping for parts for new gaming rig)

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    How nice would it be if all IB chips were golden?!
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    That would level all the SB bot scores and the hunt for the bot killer CPU would start all over again

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    Considering my 2500k that seems unable to pass 4.3ghz, this is welcome news.

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    All 2500k's can break 4.3ghz, you are just not doing it right. If you would like more detailed help feel free to link me to your thread or pm me
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    Quote Originally Posted by killerkid View Post
    All 2500k's can break 4.3ghz, you are just not doing it right. If you would like more detailed help feel free to link me to your thread or pm me
    Thanks for the offer. PM sent.

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