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overclocking Asrock G31M-S with 8 GBs of Patriot RAM

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overclocking Asrock G31M-S with 8 GBs of Patriot RAM

Hello to all the OCers in the board.

I am totally new to overclocking but not to computers as a whole so a I am not a complete ignoramus when it comes to PCs. I live in Nicaragua and PC components here are not that cheap to purchase unless you come from a rich family or have a comfy middle-class job.

In a few days I will get my hands on 8 GBs of PC-6400 enhanced latency (5-5-5-12) Patriot DDR2 gaming memory for my modest rig. The thing is, I have been wanting to overclock my machine but don't know just how stable it would be after I install the new memory. For now I am using 4 GB of PNY PC-6400 ddr2 (800 mhz) memory.

My current setup is this:

G31M-S Asrock motherboard
Core2Quad 9400 @2.66
4 GB DDR2 PC-6400 RAM (brand PNY)
Radeon HD 6870
Western Digital 320 HDD
Kmex 650W PG PSU
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit

Based on what you guys know about this board( I know it's kind of cheap but its the most affordable one for me at this time), how would I go about overclocking it to the most stable ( and coolest) velocity this board could handle with the 4 gb of RAM I already have ?

And also....

Would I have to do anything different once I install the 8GBs of Patriot memory in it? I have been wanting to OC my (very modest) baby for months now but don't know how to go about it without messing it up big time.

I hope one of you veteran OCs can help me out

Regards from Nicaragua
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