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70 billion. Co-starring: 20 billion.

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Jul 17, 2003
Here we are, approaching the heat of summer (up north anyway) and we are still chasing two teams. EVGA (15.4 years) and NVIDIA (3.2 months). This is good on us. Winning looks good and we wear it well.

World top 100 w/top 200 round out.
@HayesK #22
@WhitehawkEQ #30
@Holdolin #40
@HayesK #51
@dfonda #61

@torin3 , @P4EE, @orion456 , @Farwalker2u , @Machaholic, @don256us and @superducky .

This week we are fielding 57 active folders. For us, that's fairly good. Stay with it as long as you can into the summer and when/if you have to reduce production, we look forward to seeing you again in the fall. What? Did you think we were going to tell you to buzz of? No way man. Fold fold fold.

Top 25 are earning 1 million ppd or more. This number has notably dropped.
Top 9 are earning 10 million ppd or more. So too has this number dropped.
Top 7 are earning 20 million ppd or more.
Top 6 are earning 30 million ppd or more.
Top 5 are earning 40 million ppd or more.
Top 4 are earning 50 million ppd or more.
Top 2 are earning 60 million ppd or more.
Top 1 is earning more than 168 million.

Of note in the individual milestones, @folding_monkeys (a goup of folders from within the team) have really come back with a vengeance. Already earning more than 45 million ppd with threats of doing more. Way to go guys.

Here's the good stuff.
@HayesK has just earned 70 billion.
@P4EE has just earned 20 billion. That's two new billionaire status'.

@folding_monkeys have just earned 900 million and will have a billion by end of day tomorrow. What'd I tell ya? "with a vengeance".
@Norcalsteve is chasing them and earned 800 million. He'll reach the next milestone next week. Moving up very well.
@CivHunter has just earned his first 100 million! WOOT!

@Reconsnake has just earned his first 10 million and I noted that he has moved up over 900 spots in the last week. WOOT! Way to go!

@xblakjakx rounds us out by earning 7 million.

Thank you one and all.

For those in the USA, this is a "drinking" holiday. People get all dressed down and go to a park or someones home and cook out. Remember, if you drink, do NOT drive. I mean. Blah blah blah, hurt people, kill people and all that. Perhaps as importantly, if you get caught (and police are getting overtime to look this weekend) then you face fines and fees that will cause you to postpone a new GPU purchase for folding. We can not and will not endorse such things. Go out. Have fun but do it in a way that you can maximize your folding dollar. (All kidding aside, do not drive while impaired. Don't do it.)

Otherwise, Be well. Be safe. Be happy and well fed. Don't try to talk your uncle into the same political beliefs you have and fold on.

Until next week:
Build, Borg, Recruit.
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My rigs magically restarted and stopped for auto updates and I didn’t catch for 24 hrs…

But really, I found footage on how they passed me 🤣
Without digging into things, there's a setting that allows you to delay updates for 5 weeks. At least then you can control them and you won't get bothered as frequnetly?