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A little tank game/project

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Mar 12, 2002
So I posted a few weeks back about having to license some middleware to accommodate my game studios growth and expand our target platforms. Well to put it lightly this basically threw us all on our heads as we all have to learn a new language and ways of doing things. Nonetheless progress is being made! My primary programmer is stuck in the depths of multilanguage programming hell writing custom server / client software to work with the new software, and everyone else is working on finishing up older unfinished projects, but after completing about a dozen tutorials I decided that its time to stop painting by the numbers and whip up something from scratch. To that end I present the OCF community with a demo of what I have spend about 12 total production hours on so far. My first tank game!






View attachment Tank1-2.zip

[1/11/2017] - Tons of updates to the game, new game modes, UI improvements, and a lot of stuff behind the scenes as I get ready to really start building out the features.

Timed modes:
Speed mode - you get 20 seconds to score as many points as possible. Every target hit gives you 5 seconds on the clock.
Timed mode - you get 2 minutes to do your best, simple!

Practice mode - exactly how it sounds. Take your time and get the biggest score possible.

Controls as follows,

Tab shifts between shot mode and movement mode.

In movement mode left and right move the tank 5px.
Holding Ctrl removes the single step count move freely.

In shot mode

up and down raise and lower angle 1 point.
left and right lower and raise shot power 1 point.
Holding Ctrl removes the single step limit.

Ctrl + C enters and exits camera mode

Space fires a shot.

R resets the guide lines.

Any feedback is always appreciated. Keep in mind this is a pure WIP/experimental game so it will lack alot of the polish you are used to, but its still neat IMO.
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Ya its still a prototype, but we will see how it comes along. Not sure if I intend to take this all the way to completion or just use it as a test bed for other code. Ill probably update this thread occasionally after any major improvements.
So I managed to get a couple good hours in on this today and spiff it up a fair amount.

Now with multiple game modes!

Most of the work on it was behind the scenes though so I can start to have adjustable options. There are no longer any constant values anywhere in it so EVERYTHING is adjustable.

Coming soon: configurable options, additional game modes, difficulty settings, and high score list!
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Unfortunately havent had alot of time to work on it this week, but was able to get a basic scrolling options menu working today.


Currently only has one option but getting the scrolling middle screen working was a bit of a trick.