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Abit or not Abit? that is the question.

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New Member
Feb 7, 2001
I thought I'd try and post this message here since it makes more sense w/ what I'm trying to do and what my situation is. This is the deal I bought a cheap motherboard/CPU/fan deal on egghead. I currently have a Lucky-Star Mobo w/ a 900 athlon socket A. I would like to upgrade my Mobo w/ one I can trust (so far there have been odd things happening, like unexplainable freezes & such and I've already had to return my first Mobo after 2 weeks because one day I had no video no sound no nuthin') I have little knowledge as far as far as mobo's go. So far there was only one person who responded to my last post with an idea, he suggested an Abit KT7 raid and from what I've read up on them I can't say that I'd be displeased w/ it. But I'd like more than one opinion. So what I'd like to get from OCing my CPU is somewhere in the 1.1Ghz range without water cooling or peltier cooling(someone please stop me if this is not possible!)
Memory is my other concern since I'm only familiar w/ PC100 & PC100ECC
I would appreciate your comments and experiences.

I have OCed this thing by changing the FSB to 105 which made my cpu a 945Mhz w/ a 1*C change according to Mobo Monitor 5(i don't know if i can trust this Mobo's temp reading though as it is inconsistant within bios' temp reading)

300w p/s
Maxtor Diamond 30G ata100
Voodoo 4
256 MB PC100 SDRAM
other multimedia junk

p.s. my main use for the PC is Gaming -Quake3/Unreal & Music/Multi-Media

thank you
It depends on how much you want to spend. I'd recommend either Abit or MSI. If you're going to run at 133MHz, you may have issues with your RAM...or you may not.