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Almost There... So Close!!

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Jan 4, 2002
Well, got the bulk of my bits.

Abit IC7-G, Intel P4 2.4 800, SLK900, Pabst fan, Akasa RAMSinks, Maxtor 120gb SATA, AS3 and Antec TrueBlue480.

Lian Li case arriving tomorrow from all indications.

But my RAM's in limbo :( Ordered from HardcoreCooling.us on the 8th May, using 2nd day Airmail USPS, to the UK, and it still hasn't turned up. No tracking no. so can't check where it is :(

Been a week and a half, you guys think thats still an OK timeframe for an international order?

HCC.us told me to email em if it didnt arrive today so I did, and got a strange reply - we have no tracking number, if it the package doesn't arrive in the next coupla days contact USPS. Erm.. with what reference?! LOL, emailed em back saying that they held all the cards (surely they must have a copy of the despatch note!?), and asked em to chase it up at their end. Hopefully they'll get back to me with some good news. Strange that USPS didn't give em a tracking number though :(

SL6WF. Batch - L310A571. Version - C30333-001 Malaysia (pack date 04/07/03)

Hopefully this'll be a good clocker :) Soon as I get my PC3500 CAS2 CH-5, I'll send this all screamin :D Hopefully Abit'll come out with a 1.2 BIOS soon to take care of the temp issue.

BTW - I've read a lot of peeps having issues getting over 275 on their Abits, although I've read in places (will dig up where I saw this), that if you have issues with 275, try jumping straight to 290 and it works (sometimes). Anyone confirm this? Maybe its like the Asus problem with the blackhole 160-190?


Senior Moment
Jan 12, 2001
Kansas, USA
Sounds like you have a similar CPU and system as mine. Should be good for at least 3.3 gig. I'll have to try 290 FSB. I tried 280 once, but it did not boot.