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Alpha Pep66 with 85 Watt Peltier

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New Member
Jan 24, 2001
Hey there...is anyone using the Alpha Pep66 with 85 Watt Peltier from Tom's Leufken Technologies? I just ordered one and I just wanted to know if anyone has the same product. I just want to know how well it performs and if there is any problems? I ordered the the heatsink combo, because it said it's the most powerful aircooled peltier rig. Hopefully I got my moneys worth, because I'm hoping that I can get my 1.2ghz Thunderbird overclocked to 1375 or maybe 1400+. I have it at 1312 right now. Thanks~

Return the damn thing, this setup is just going to bring your temps up. Is MR Tom Leufken really recommending this for oc'ed Tbirds??
i think the pep66 would be damn marginal with a 85W TEC... might even perform worse than your current setup

the pep66 is one of the best aircooling hsinks but IMHO it reaches heat saturation around 120+W (combined TEC+CPU heat load) your t-bird is probably making upwards of 60W.. 60+85W=145W at least, the poor pep66 is going to be overwhelmed

not too bad a setup with a p3, but probably hopeless with the t-bird... you need water cooling for that 85W peltier, good luck

p3 750@1050 pep66
If this is true...then why in the hell is Mr. Tom Leufken sellling these products. I mean if you go to the website...it says, for AMD processor 1ghz and over...use the 85 watt setup. I just don't get it with these Peltier. I just want to get my cpu cooled down and that's all I'm asking for.

I have the same thing but I have yet to use it. I have not completed my system yet. All I need is a mobo and case. I am very interested as to what all of our experts have to say about the Pep66 before I put it to use. Should I just forget about it and look to another cooling device? If so, what?