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AMD XP1900+ - SK6 HSF question

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Aug 19, 2001
For those who use the Thermalright SK6 with the Delta 60mm fan (or those in the 'know'), have you replaced that Delta fan? If so with what?

That Delta screamer is really starting to drive me nuts, I have had my AMD XP system running for over a month now. But lately that constant whine is getting to me. I have just replaced the 3 stock fans in my Lian Li with Panaflo 80mm fans, I noticed an drop of 3 degrees in my temps immediately. I will be adding another fan, maybe 2 to the case. Another Panaflo 80mm and one stock ADDA 80mm to help compensate for replacing the Delta 60mm.

I'm looking for a good, reliable replacement. One with a low dba rating, the Delta is rated Speed: 6800 rpm, Air Flow: 37.61 CFM, Noise Level: 46.5 dBA Any suggestions? I think I will compensate somewhat for the loss of cfm with the much improved air flow of the case.
I was tired of the delta 38 on my Vantec CCK 6035d. I went and bought the Thermalright AX-7 for 30 dollars and put an 80mm sunon fan on it. It's a 50 cfm one not to loud but not quiet either. You can put a sunon low output on the AX-7 that puts out 37 cfm and that one is pretty quiet and you probably would not sacrifice too much temperature wise. Like you said those deltas are loud and thats how I got mine quieter. It was worth it.
I'm sick of the fan and i've got a PAL8045 and YS-Tech fan for 41$ shipping included. I wouldn't go for AX-7 since its a big piece of hs and still uses clip. PAL8045 gives you better perfomance and is not much more expensive than the AX-7 the heatsink only is 31.95 plus shipping at scvcomputercycle.com.
I have used a 50CFM 80MM Sunon on the SK6, it works pretty good. Not as good as the delta screamer that you have (more focused) but almost as good. Swapping the 80mm for the 60mm will make it seem silent. You can use the existing clips on the SK6 for the 80mm, just rotate the fan 45 Degrees and hook the clips over the corners of the fan.
One direct replacement fan for the SK-6 would be the ThermalTAKE 60X60X25mm Fan 4552 +/- 10% RPM, 21CFM. The ThermalTAKE is model TT-6025A-2B. But be advised the temp may rise by 2 degs C. I dont want to be the one to dissuade you but there are better HSs coming out almost every week. I would pick the one that has the 80MM fan. They are the quietest.