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Athlon 64 - The Pre-Phenom days.

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Apr 19, 2012
I would like to dedicate this thread for those with old and or new pictures and discussion to Athlon 64 single and dual cores.

Please post up you pictures and show them off. One thing any good forum should have is a decent little AMD A64 gallery thread.

Rules, must be AMD A64 sAM2 or previous. pictures and validations are welcome. No Phenom or FX and new chips allowed here. EDIT : s939 FX allowed naturally!!

If this thread unfolds well, I may make a little chart at the OP for various clocks and perhaps benchmarks as well.


So I'll start this off with a classic A64 6400+ submission and PCmark04 which to this day still stands first place at HWBot.

A beast. 3600mhz. 600mhz Memory frequency. It humped hard then and still does today. What a great chip. (de-lidded ftw)


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My current collection. Have some screens and maybe pics from my original 170 rig somewhere


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You do have some stuff don't you.
Is that a SI-120?

Yes it is. The boards are a DFI NF3, ULTRA-D and an Expert. Somewhere I have the list of the chips, various A64, X2's, Semprons and Optys



Mine from back in the day

DFI Ultra-D
Opty 170 @ 2.6
G.Skill DDR500 @ 520
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@jaymz - Nice collection!

@ Scotty, I don't think I've had the pleasure of clocking one of those. 3.3ghz no problem!

EDIT: I see Cas 1.5! nice man.

@Man_D - That's a good chip. This old timer I used to work with had one. Clocked pretty good! Thanks for the pics!
Here's a 25% OC on a 754 Mobile 3400+ Not the fastest, but I had fun with the 754 platform. Did a few processors and only found one without a cold bug I'll post up a later time.

Oh here's one that wasn't cold bugged. 4000+ Newark mobile chip. 3350mhz.

4000+ Newark 3355mhz.png
A64 2800+. It was a newcastle based core. Iirc, the claw hammer was s939. It's been a while.. those were my last amd cpus. :p
I think I even had an opty 165 at one point...

....and then c2d came around and that's all she wrote there. :(

Let me see if I can get to a desktop and dig up some hwbot subs...