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BSOD When Performance Settings On (HELP)

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Sep 20, 2011
Plymouth, MN
I am having an issue with my computer where whenever i put the computer into Performance mode in the bios it will bluescreen with an error code "WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR" Which indicates a hardware problem.

The computer has no issues what so ever when i put it on balanced mode and play games or watch movies etc etc. But when i put it into performance mode it lasts a little while then BSOD then every time after it feels like it accelerates.
I am monitoring the Temps on the CPU and it reachs around 70 degrees Celsius when gaming and 60 ish when idle. I am lost for ideas and would like to get this resolved so that i can overclock my CPU and increase its life.

Parts i have replaced so far so we can eliminate.

Computer specs.
asus z87a mobo
intel 4670k haswell
760W PSU
1 ssd
1 hdd
Sounds to me like Performance mode is some sort of overclocking tool in the BIOS. If so, it's better if you just follow one of our guides and Oc the Cpu manually. What are you cooling the cpu with?
I am currently running a Intel Stock cooler. I have experience overclocking so I can attempt to OC it to see if it really is just a factory oc performance problem and if I am successful go out and buy a heatsink and keep it like that. I wonder if i would be able to run a test without it overheating to find out if its stable to begin with. Should i aim for about 4.2 and get it stable and just monitor the Temps the entire time to make sure its not going above 90?
I'm guessing the bios overclocking wizard may be undervolting the CPU cores. As Manny said, best to configure settings manually.