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Cat vs. Omega question

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Jul 14, 2003
I have a 9500 pro in my pc and am wondering, i hear talks of omega drivers. rather, 3rd party drivers. I told one of my friends about these drivers and he tried them on his 9200 based card. He told me performance degraded really bad so he had to switch back to the cats. Now im wondering, will i experiance the same thing if i switch? and if i dont, how big is the performance difference? are the omegas specifically designed for a single thing (gaming) or are they just "enhanced cats?"

thanks for any help.


Jul 18, 2004
The Omega drivers aren't really designed for Benchmarking. He makes them because some people have problems with the Catalyst drivers and his drivers have more options. There's not much of a difference in picture quality and they aren't going to mess up your card, so there isn't really any reason to not try them.

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Feb 27, 2003
yeah also they are perfect for users like me who have a mobile card and are the drivers provided buy the company who made the computer suck and Cat drivers wont work even if i use dhmodtool to install them so i can get updated drivers using omega :) plus they give you overclocking options which are kinda usefull. on the website there is a list of things to change in BIOS so that your computer is optimized to run with the drivers...i couldn't comments on how well it works cause my BIOS is very limited but for my mobile card the drivers did wonders