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Chassis integrity after modding?

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Nov 13, 2001
Ioannina, Greece
I just bought a dremmel, a 145W variable speed (5K - 35K rpm) and I think I'm gonna love it! It cost me 84 EUR but what the heck...

The question is this: I want to cut the back panel of the case to make a nice place for a 2nd PSU. Will the chassis hold or fall apart from the weight of 2 PSUs? They're both 300W but good quality ones, pretty heavy. Another thing to consider is chassis vibration after the new "hole" as it will certainly weaken.

Any comments? The case is a plain vanilla full tower, 1mm thick steel.

Plus, has anyone come with an easy and effective way to hold both PSUs in place? I mean using some kind of under-structure and not just the screws.

Keep modding until your case falls apart on you. Then, take some pics for us all to laugh at :D

Tbird man

Jun 19, 2001
Boone, NC a.k.a THE BOONIES
you slould be fine cutting a hole for a second PSU. cases are very strong. they could use a lot less materal but than they would be compromising the EMI/RFI shielding. if you're worried about supporting the psu just set it on top of the other one or build little props off the bottom one to support the top one. to make a good hole take your origional PSU out and trace the hole to a peice of paper and cut that out. than put the cutout where you want the hole and trace (or even better scribe it with something sharp) it to the metal, than cut away. hope this helps.


Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
Go to your local hardware store, and get a piece if sheetmetal. Cut it to back up the case's back panel, with cutouts fot the 2 PSUs. Get some L brackets, and place them under the PSUs attached to the case frame/sheet metal plate, attached with either screws or epoxy/JB Weld. Scribe the brackets so everything sits flush. Should be solid as a rock. Kind of overkill, but what the hell.