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Cooling the coolant.

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Senior Member
Dec 20, 2000
Albany, NY
I have been searching around for a means of reducing temps of my coolant immediately after it leaves the waterblock. While checking out "iceless coolers", I came across http://coolworks.simplenet.com/ and found the aquarium chiller As this was a B-to-B site, I went searching for other examples. The prices immediately shut this idea down. $600 and up. Might do for the well-off, though.
if you want to build somthing I would sugest somthing like http://data-detective.com/overclock/chillers1.htm I dont think this would be hard at all to build and would be a neat project. Might be a little expensive though (but way less than 600) 3 156 watt pelts a nice big radiator 2 water blocks some fans and you got yourself some ice cold water.