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Direct Die with AIO cooler with rockitcool 10th gen - 10900k?

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Sep 28, 2008
So i'm still unsure how i managed stability at 1.29 previously, but now that i relied on auto volts i've found real stability:

Auto volts in bios on all, LLC auto, xmp and 4000 for memory and auto volts there too. 51x and auto ring (if i set ring to 47 windows wouldnt boot even on auto volts)This results in an idle of around 1.301 initially in windows. Under extreme load this is 1.315 (sa 1.321 and cio 1.242).

Realbench initially hits 81C by 3min 89C, by the end 94C (too hot), this is with the case side off too. Now if i blast the ac window unit i can get it down to around 90C.
I was "realbench stable" all night, about 6 hours worth. I consider this ok now.
I rebooted into normal windows (I use an isolated test windows for stress tests) and tested a few activities, ambient is slightly cool right now though.
Xplane 11 sim i only hit about 78C (probably 82 when room is warmer). Fs2020 only 65C. A quick 4k video render, about 75C. An astro 100 sub integration (avx) hits 91C with ambient up by the case at 24.8C (76.6F).

*ambient where the case sits above the desk is around 76-77F, so around 25iC ish (fans on 360 blow out the top, 1080ti hybrid rear and 2 120's in the front pull air in, in the v51 thermaltake case) , it would be about 23c (74f) if i had the room to put it more floor level

Cinebench : 6506 (default clocks 6350 at 49x)
Passmark cpumark: 27868 (default clocks 27031 at 49x), no change in fs2020 or xp11 fps regardless here, my integration time did go from 12 min to 9 minutes though (avx).

I guess Ill be leaving cio/sa at auto, seems ok. I will probably move the cpu to fixed 1.315 (the most under load) and actually try to figure out adaptive/offset, guessing i set adaptive to 1.301 and +.014 offset. Tho the cpu mode is set to "auto" not override or adaptive right now, i believe it just still down volt under no load regardless.

The last debate is whether to try the asus ROG Maximus XII Hero which i ordered to arrive tomorrow in case i couldnt figure things out. I'm not convinced that the "better" board would yield lower temps under load, but maybe it would. If temps are higher than this for any other activity (IE: above 88C, ill probably delid, i feel i can do it safely and drop 7c). edit 89c with the case side on during one process, thats borderline too much.

Im going to try the krakken z73 360 next before delidding or even swapping to another 10900k to try my luck.
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