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Err what's 14 F in Celius?

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Go to http://www.convert-me.com/en/ to convert most anything.

If it is off 14 F, then it is off by 7.778 C.

In relative degrees, 1 degree change in Celcius equals 1.8 degrees change in Farenheight.

To convert absolute Celcius to absolute Farenheight mulitply by 1.8 then add 32.

example 20.1 C X 1.8 = 36.18 + 32 = 68.18 F

To convert absolute Farenheight to absolute Celcius, subtract 32, then multiply by .55555 (remember it as 5 fives).

example 68.18 F - 32 = 36.18 X .55555 = 20.1 C

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The 14F was the total off in farenheit. So the CPU was off by 2°C and the chipset thermistor was off by 5°C. --Not that bad, but a little disheartening....it reported my CPU as being cooler than it was...:rolleyes: