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gpu/gpui integration

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Feb 1, 2011
Republic of Texas
For lack of a better title. My son upgraded his son's gaming rig and they immediately figured out that he needed more beef in the GPU category, particularly when playing ARK (am not familiar with the game). The MB has an Intel 6800 GPUi and I offered up an old GTX550Ti if he could get them to integrate SLI-style.

Chime in.....does this have the potential to work? Older card, newer MB. Any conflicts to be aware of? Standard NVidia driver package or would it need some tweaking?

I'd offer more info on his CPU and MB but we were only discussing the graphics and power, gaming.
Unless it's a title supporting DX12 multiadapter it won't work, to my knowledge.
^ Agree.

For SLI to work, the GPUs have to be the same manufacturer (NVIDIA, AMD, Intel) and type (i.e. 970 with a 970, 980 with a 980).

NVIDIA calls their technology SLI.

AMD calls their technology Crossfire.

I don't think Intel has a multi-GPU technology.

DX12 is the only technology that allows you to use different GPUs. However, the game has to be programmed to take advantage of it.
Thanks guys. There was a package named Lucid a few years ago but it seems to have faded away with nothing to replace it. Besides it was only for running multiple monitors IIRC and not scaling performance. Lucid's current website only lists products related to mobile phones.

I guess it's time to take a moment to consider passing along beefier tech and doing an upgrade.....sigh. Like everyone else, looking to buy a 1080 for $12.00 but can't seem to find a coupon anywhere.:shrug: