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Household heat re-circulation pumps

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New Member
Nov 2, 2020
Has anyone already tried to use domestic hot water re-circulation pumps for over-sized water-cooling loops?

The specs look awesome while still not completely nuclear. And that includes a rather reasonable power usage and sound signature. Price is also pretty reasonable too, less than a flashy double D5. There are even models you can control with a smartphone.

Something the likes of this:

I would be interested in using one of these for a build with fat radiators outside or heat exchangers in the basement or both.

What do you say? Am I missing something?


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Feb 1, 2011
At 145 PSI and 1-1/2" pipe, you'll be able to open a high pressure car wash as well.


Gulper Nozzle Co-Owner
Dec 15, 2008
Quite a bit id say...

We're dealing with single digit psi and where 1-1.5 GPM flow is plenty. It also requires 230V, not standard 120V like US...

Overkill on that front is seriously diminishing returns. This feels like a nuclear option, lol.. if you look around, we've had a couple users dig and put copper several feet underground, but iirc, they used pond pumps and nothing like this? Admittedly, im not sure offhand what their specs are though.


New Member
Nov 2, 2020
I am in Europe so their website might be sending me to their European product pages. I know Grundfos is active in the US though, so they should offer something suitable to the US market. There might be other competitors too. I just threw this Grundfos one out because it is one of the most energy efficient on the market.

What I understood from all these pond pumps is that they are extremely limited in pressure because they are heavily flow oriented. They're also submerged which seams very unpractical to me.

10bar is the maximal pressure they are rated to withstand not the pressure they output… The website is down at the moment but the magic of these kind pumps is that they are precisely designed to work in very low power consumption modes.

Guys, the performance curves of some of these recirculation pumps are close to the pumps we have in our systems. Just that one 100-150 euros model seams closer to a double D5 with a whole lot more headroom for crazy loops. Again, not going to stick one of these in an O11 Dynamic, It’s for the 120+120 plates heat exchangers under my basement sink.

Connection threads and power cords… I’m feeling we are getting lost in the noise here.

Anyway, I’ll dig some more, download and adapt some of the performance curves and I’ll come back with a clearer point. My main worry would be the regulate them, turn them on/off as the PC starts up...
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