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how do i clean out my oil cooler?

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Mar 31, 2002
Well i just got my oil cooler today and i was wondering how you other guys managed to clean out your oil cooler, i flush water through mine and it looks all clear.. but if i let it sit on its side and then dump whatever watever was still inside a good amount of oil still comes out. So i was just wondering if any of you have any tips on cleaning one out.


Apr 6, 2001
I suggest using heating or power paraffin. Make sure that the residues of the paraffin are all removed.


Underwater Senior Member
Nov 29, 2001
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Carburetor cleaner in the spray can, that stuff will blast oil and dirt out very well. Make sure neither tube end is pointed at you or stuff you like...that gunk will 'jet' out the opposite tube, it's best to cover the openings with a loose shop rag, so you don't get hosed. This stuff will damage your eyes too.
Use dishsoap and hot water to rinse it clean.

This is meant to be done outside, it can get pretty messy. Don't clean it on the grass, or perty concrete either.