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SOLVED How to cool w/ nitro, possible mutiplier prob.

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First question. Could you run liquid nitrogen through an exsisting H20 cooling system? Could the sub. pump handle it? Also Im running a ASUS A7V kt133 TB 900 @ 1030. I want more. I've noticed that changing the mulitplier from 9 to 9.5 does nothing, the same for 10 to 10.5. Why would the multplier not work for the .5 increase in the multipule? Thanks !!!
Don't play with liquid nitrogen...the fact that you are talking about using a water cooling setup to use it is a good sign that you know nothing about it. I don't know anything about liquid nitrogen cooling either, but even I known enough to say that using a water cooling setup for it will not work. Liquid Nitrogen is cold enough that it can cause EXTREME bodily harm. I don't know about you, but I've hurt myself enough with relatively innocuous cooling fans (when they are high output they can do some damage ;-)). Not to mention Liquid Nitrogen is not practical for extended use, it's only a novelty thing... I really think you should just put this whole thought out of your head.
A word of advice. If you don't know what you are doing don't mess with liquid nitrogin. Nitrogin disapates O2.Abreath of it will render you unconcious and can cause death. I know of 2 people in the past year who have died from nitrogin inthe field of work I am in.
I doubt the pump would be able to handle it considering it would instantaneously freeze before you would be able to do anything.
Yeah, LN2 tends to freeze everything in its path. Including pumps. Not to mention everything would be condensing to hell (and it takes a low temp to condense all the way to hell)
ever consider how you would get it from the pump to the block? Rubber hoses are out!

My MCSE teacher once worked with the stuff at a hospital. (super conductors) He had to remove some type of shaft that was submerged in the stuff, and somehow it slipped. He grabbed it and no longer has any finger prints........has to wear gloves that look like the really cute ones Michael Jackson wears.....and has tremendous problems with pain and dry skin (to the point it cracks and flakes). This is NOT for the average user. But then again.........it's not like you can run down to a 7-11 and pick the stuff up.

let it go man.........move on to the next brain storm. =)