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Dec 16, 2003
North-east England, UK
ok i have post for this wire trick a few of my Diploma ICT teachers told me about, i can't find it, has any1 any info on Overclocking my 1800+ AthlonXP (i THINK it a thoroughbread)

I got a cheepish ASRock Mobo and i would like to OC, i was given multiplier and voltage which should get me to 1900mhz roughly which is what i would like, around 2Ghz,

How do i go about unlocking my CPU? or the multipliers atleast?

Thanks JJ :mad:


Normal Member
Sep 7, 2003
The FSB is NEVER locked, and the multi sometimes is, but in your case, it is completely unlocked.

With your mobo you might not be able to get too high of an OC, also depends on RAM if you increase the FSB..remember to adjust voltages, and keep those temps down... 85C kills Athlons.