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i cant find the problem

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Feb 12, 2002
Montréal, Qc, Ca
each time i close my computer i goes true all the process of shuting down the only problem is that as soon as it should be totaly turning off a message appear saying
frenquency off limit 64k/222hz
ok now i know it is possibly the graphic card but still it is doing fine the rest of the time so do you have an idea wath could be my problem
Something dealing with your monitor refresh rate I believe. Maybe try installing new drivers?

Are you using XP?

i am using win 2000pro and unfortunatly i blew my radeon the other day so i am trap using my old diamond monster fusion and no driver where made for win 2k so since this card is using voodoo banshee chipset i have been told to use the driver that win 2k will assing to my card wich are the one for voodoo banshee soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...:)
The same thing happened to me when I fried my Herc Gf2, I had to go to a spare vid card I had and everytime I would shut down I'd get the same error.

My monitor has a recall option on it that "I am guessing here" syncs it up to the vid card? All I know is I tried all kinds of stuff and out of frustration I hit the recall button, and the prob went away.

I don't know for sure if this is your problem but it's worth a shot.

Isn't win2k based on NT? If so, have you searched for any NT drivers for your vid card.

Let me know how it comes out.
no luck

i do not have a recall button on my monitor but i tried the return to factory setting but without any luck anyway i guess i am stuck with that problem since i tried a lot of thing from reinstalling my o.s. to taking appart my computer letting it rest in piece for a week (i know it sound funny but i have been doing that a couple of time and some component seem to come back to life when you do that and it doesnt cost a penny to do soooooooooooooooooooooo),something weird is that when i install my o.s. back the first time i shut it down it works but after that it no longer stop
I have no doubts about what your saying with letting the components laying around. I took electronics in the Navy (U.S.).

Mostly learned theory, most of which I have long forgotten, but I saw electronics do some things that they weren't supposed to do, at least when you used theory to explain how they were supposed to work anyway.

Maybe you should download a vid tweak of some kind to change the freq. on your video card and see if that works?

What about an upgrade to the video bios?

Here's a link to s3's bios update for the monster fusion if you want to update it.

Good luck