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Just bought a MSI Mech OC 5700 XT. Not shipped yet. Should I cancel?

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Nov 16, 2016
Hi all. So I built my little girl a PC back in May but she had no gpu eso I gave her a 250 (R7). She can't play many titles though so I've been on the lookout for a used 2060, 2070 or 5700. Well, yesterday I found a surprisingly cheap 5700 XT from a seller that said they were replacing them on a virtual reality cyber cafe or something. Looked very clean so I bought it knowing the model is on the cheap end. That said, I plan to undervolt and maybe underclock a bit as we are using a FHD monitor anyway.

I'm now worried though, as I read a few reviews from people that say they were never able to get normal temps, not even by undervolting or changing thermal pads (some people say that did help, but others say it didn't). I could probably change thermal pads if needed but what if that doesn't help?

Should I just cancel and go for a 590 I saw for about $90? This 5700 xt was about 160 which in my area is very, very cheap. Thanks for any advice.
Hi EarthDog :) I mean safe temps that won't endanger the GPU. Not sure what would be safe temps for a 5700 xt but I'm thinking something under 90f which some folks have complained about terrible cooling on this model, like it goes well over 105f and some have said changing thermal pads hasn't helped.

GPU is the MSI Mech OC 5700 XT, it's on the title lol 😝
It has not shipped yet, that's why I'm wondering whether to cancel. I think there's still time.
90F is damn near impossible.... you meant C, I'd imagine. GPUs are meant to run hot... the cooler the better sure, but, they are meant to be up there.

I don't know if that model measures vRAM temps, so changing cooling pads on the memory wouldn't matter with the core in the first place. Akin to fixing the brakes to make your AC blow colder. :p

Your best bet is to look up some reviews on the card and see what they say about it. I don't trust 75% of what I see 'people say' on forums. Here's one.........

I'd take a hot running 5700XT over a 590 any day...
Haha yeah sorry I meant 105C 😂 Thanks for the in depth review, will finish reading. Seems like they think it's a decent model. Yeah it was mostly reddit and youtube comments that talked about horrible overheating. A few youtubers made videos about memory overheating and too small thermal pads. I guess I will let it ship and if temps are horrific I'll just return. Hopefully it won't turn out that way :)
5700XT will land you just ahead of 3060RTX or around 6600TX performance.
It crushes a 580 and will do 1440p in most games around 100-130fps.

That is awesome. I hope everything turns out decent with the temps. I'm sure underclocking/volting will help a bit if temps aren't ideal. I don't really need it to run at full power anyway being we play in 1080p :)
Hi EarthDog and everyone, just wanted to share an update. My little girl is using her GPU already. It's actually working very well. I haven't noticed any overheating, though she does mainly play Roblox and Minecraft at 1080p. We also played a bit of Need For Speed Heat which is a bit more intensive and the GPU was pretty chill at 60 or so degrees. I'm very happy I didn't cancel the purchase :ROFLMAO:

Here's a picture of it. I installed a cheap fan right below it in case it was going to be a hot card (still haven't peeled off the plastic wrap from the case's glass b/c I didn't want the kids scratching it up before I was done with the build LoL).


Maybe this'll help someone else if they're having doubts over this card 😊